About Us

Hello O.T.V Fans 

      Off The Vert (O.T.V) is our website V3rt! (Victory Every Right Turn) is a street wear brand based upon the struggles of life, the empowerment of a generation, overcoming of boundaries and breaking through barriers/levels and does not involve skateboarding. Its about rising above all negativity and achieving new things whether that be a sport, goal, dream or plan its what we stand by .

The brand expresses its values on growth with a Metaphor of skateboarding called Vert short for the word vertical but for us it means (Victory Every Right Turn) when they use the word vert for catching big air as they exceed limitations to push themselves to reach new heights. We are trying to provide that same feeling through our street wear. That being said, we really pride ourselves on producing clothing with a message to reach thus heights in everyday life no matter what it is you do. 

   We want everyone to be comfortable no matter the occasion that's why we want to bring a certain type of swag. As we search to discover the best fit and design for the brand, we encourage customers and fans to reach out to us and get involved with our quest to succeed and reach goals. So come and join in on the conversation verticaljunkies we love to hear from you.

    O.T.V was created to show people to never give up on yourself and to thrive for what you want in life. Inspired here in Connecticut February 2018